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The leading global CRM solution.

Tailent has built a native integration with Salesforce by using the Salesforce Lightning Platform API.

TAP into the native Salesforce integration and automate your repetitive sales activities such as:

  • Monitor Opportunities, Accounts, Leads and any other Salesforce objects

  • Insert, Update or Remove Records based on input data from various systems

  • Synchronize your Salesforce contacts due to our integration with various customer support tools, email service, call center app or chats.

  • Upsert Record

  • Get Record

  • Get List View Records

  • Perform common actions like: Comment, Tag, Assign, Change Status and more

  • Composite Request
  • Execute automatically reports, queries, and searches.

Tailent enables millions of businesses to employ RPA.

We believe in affordable, approachable and ready to use automation, suitable for any organization. Start your automation journey today by putting Tailent Automation Platform (TAP™) to your own good use.

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Discover TAP™, the automation platform that enables you to use the full power of RPA with minimal costs, and start saving money from day one. Tailent stretches beyond its automation platform and works on growing the robot building community along with talented partners.

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