TAP™ Assistant

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TAP™ Assistant

Super intuitive interface that lets you organize and execute automation workflows, or as we like to call them, robots.

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 Spend more time with your real colleagues.

Let your new teams take care of the dull work.

Core Capabilities

The Assistant runs directly on the desired machine that the bots are destined for.

The TAP™ Assistant interface is built to be as simple to use as possible. It's all handy - start, stop automations, add bots or simply remove them from your team. No-hard-feelings guarantee.

Can be configured to start-up automatically with Windows

Bots that are running will provide status reports and notifications with every important update.

Be ready for when
your bot team grows

When you need to manage bot teams on multiple agents, TAP™ into Orchestrator, the solution that will help you achieve operational excellence and save millions.


Why choose TAP™ Assistant

Plug &

An easy to use interface that works directly with all other TAP™ components

Optimize your

Not only do the SkilledBots save you hours every day, but having them just one click away maximizes your efficiency

Scale up when
you need to

As your bot team grows to dozens or even hundreds across different machines, you will want the power to manage all that. TAP™ Orchestrator will be ready when that day comes

Trusted by leaders

that are paving the way for a world ready for automation

Technology is in our DNA, so it is natural to always look at the most advanced technological solutions. The first step is to integrate Tailent’s intelligent software robots into our activity, to optimize certain repetitive operational processes and allow the team to focus on more relevant activities. Furthermore, we explore the possibility of bringing RPA technology closer to children who are preparing, with our help, to become the next generation of technology creators

Indira Abdulvoap

General Manager

ETA2U has a longstanding tradition in research, development and High Tech. [...] Now, for the first time, through the partnership with Tailent, we can also offer RPA solutions to our customers, as one of the most efficient process automation technologies for companies.

Stelian Câmpianu

Executive Director

The partnership with Tailent represents a new chapter for Aliant in strengthening our digital transformation offering. Together with Tailent, we can serve automation needs of Romanian companies through innovative RPA solutions and technologies, based on proven expertise and efficiency.

Bogdan Ciubotaru

Chief Commercial Officer

We use breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning to deflect requests and incidents and we help companies transform their service through automation and knowledge. Tailent adds to our mission and allows us to build our full-service integrated solutions offering by including its highly competitive technologies developed in Romania.

Yip Ly

Chief Revenue Officer

The investment in Tailent’s RPA technology has been very affordable and allows us to leave time-consuming activities on the hands of software robots, while we, as a team, can focus on our core business. Tailent’s intelligent software robots are the link between ERP and the integrated waste management platform we are developing in order to better meet environmental protection requirements, which allows us to increase waste collection and also the recovery of waste through digitalization.

Stoyan Tsanev


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