TAP Skilled Bot for 

Charisma ERP

Tailent has built a native integration with Charisma.

Charisma can help organizations from various industries to manage and visualize their entire operations with robust solutions like accounting and finance, procurement, human resources, sales, Business
Intelligence etc.
Talent has built a native integration with Charisma via Synaptic Containers.

TAP into the native Charisma integration and automate all accounting and finance processes such as:

  • Reports aggregation

  • Invoices and bank statement reconciliation

  • Process payments automatically based on the invoices due date and business rules in various systems, including SEPA

  • Billing/ Invoicing data Synchronization

  • Debt Collection

  • Account Closing     

  • Cost Allocation

  • Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation

  • Financial Report Consolidation

  • Statutory and Internal Reporting

“The investment in Tailent’s RPA technology has been very affordable and allows us to leave time-consuming activities on the hands of software robots, while we, as a team, can focus on our core business. Tailent’s intelligent software robots are the link between ERP and the integrated waste management platform we are developing in order to better meet environmental protection requirements, which allows us to increase waste collection and also the recovery of waste through digitalization”

• • said Stoyan Tsanev, Recycle International CEO • 

Tailent enables millions of businesses to employ RPA.

We believe in affordable, approachable and ready to use automation, suitable for any organization. Start your automation journey today by putting Tailent Automation Platform (TAP™) to your own good use.

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