We believe in a world where
millions of businesses can
easily deploy RPA


Traditional RPA is broken

  • It’s exclusive – reachable only by large enterprises

  • It’s expensive – licensing always come with a premium

  • It’s slow – producing effective results takes a lot of time

  • It`s complex – proper setups happen in centers of excellence

  • It`s annoying – always starting from scratch, no reusability

  • It`s too closed – robots & partners cannot learn from each other

Disrupting RPA into mainstream.

Enabling RPA for SMEs is our mission. Since SMEs are the next up in line to make the most use of technology, they can easily scale up the work of RPA developers at the same time. 

Reusability is the key for growth

There are manual and repetitive processes within organizations that need automation.
This is why we need RPA.

But there are also lots of these processes, which are repetitive across organizations and apps, within & across industries.
This is why we need Tailent.

Reusability results
in skilled robots

A new robot is like a new hire. If you’re hiring someone that does not have the skills for the job, you have to train them, which is inherently time consuming.

Every time a new robot is created, it can be added to the Marketplace, making it ready to use and employ into a digital workforce.

Thus, we enable partners and developers to radically scale up the impact of their RPA work.

We’re building an ecosystem that enables SMEs to be Ready for Automation

Ready to build

  • Tailent Automation Platfom, TAP™

  • Plug-n-play, easy to setup & start building

  • Friendly for No-Code users & also for extreme C# Developers

  • Limitless license, 500€/mo./developer seat

  • Reseller & Marketplace Commissions

  • Support SLA

Ready to work

  • Ready to download & deploy from day 1

  • Application-Centric, easy to customize

  • Built-in knowledge for existing Apps, Systems, Industries, Departments, Processes

  • Hiring skilled robots is similar to hiring skilled workers, they do not require extended training/configuration

Ready to grow

  • Limitless license, 500€/mo./seat

  • Continuously expanding marketplace, development community & learning resources

  • Reusability of developed & downloaded assets across the system

  • ROI from day 1

we know you’re ready.

let’s talk

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